addSuper-safe circular saws and forestry machinery

Collino Costruzioni has always paid the utmost attention to the safety of all its products.

In particular, circular saw safety has always been a priority, to the point that an international jury at Euroforest 2014, among the main forestry technology trade shows in the world, awarded Collino circular saws first prize in safety and innovation.

This is because combined saws and machinery in general in compliance with the standards are a fundamental precondition for firewood processing.
Thus, safety and prevention regarding the danger of circular blades, but it doesn’t end there: every detail is well-finished and designed to avoid risks and dangers.

After all, agricultural and forestry machine safety is regulated by stringent standards, with which Collino Costruzioni has always complied, making sure that safety is at the operator’s service without hindering wood processing.

Efficiency, efficacy and speed, never compromising safety.