Drum saw


The Collino drum saw is a true revolution in firewood processing. Ideal for metre-long logs, it can cut wood at any length between 25 and 50 centimetres.
The production capacity is extraordinary, considering the fact that the drum rotation permits 48 cuts a minute.

Absolute safety

No cutting parts are exposed to contact with the operator, achieving an absolute, unparalleled safety regime. Speed and safety go hand in hand to work quickly with no risk whatsoever.

Efficiency and efficacy

A made in Italy product that combines efficiency and efficacy, able to cut round wood with a maximum diameter of 16cm and split wood with a maximum diameter of 24cm.

Quality and price

Quality and price also go hand in hand with the Collino drum saw, seeing as this product has a decidedly lower cost than much pricier and more complicated systems, all of which is shown in the drum saw video available on this page.

A cutting edge model

The Collino drum is a type of forestry machine that is decidedly on the cutting edge for silviculture, suitable for professional workers. Three separate patents qualify this forestry machine.

Weight 1000-1200 kg
Dimensions 1200 × 1800 × 2650 cm