Comby Pro-Plus

Comby Pro-Plus

Comby Pro-Plus, aka the utmost of combined saws for wood processing, able to combine cutting, splitting and loading in a single, efficient and efficacious machine that is both professional and safe.


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Saw + Splitter + Belt

Equipped with a circular saw with a 700mm Widia disc, a 4 or 5 metre telescopic belt, as well as a 9 or 15 tonne horizontal splitter, the Pro-Plus is a combined saw used by customers with high-quality professional and domestic requirements.

Cutting Splitting Loading

A machine that is able to manage all the firewood processing stages to the utmost, accessorised with the best components available on the market, that can also be supplied with a four-way hydraulic wedge or a piston for the hydraulic stand. A highly appreciated offer also because of the highly competitive price of the combined saw + splitter + conveyor belt.

Safe cutting

The safety of a circular saw and, in general, of combined wood machines is priceless: all Collino models are designed starting from this cornerstone to reduce risks to a minimum.

Assistance and warranty

Every machine has a three-year warranty, well over the minimum required by law. And Collino Costruzioni is available daily to assist with any needs, both for retailers and final customers, even after the warranty expires.