addNetworking on italian and international markets

Collino Costruzioni has always believed in its sales network.

Over the years, it has successfully consolidated commercial relationships with active professionals both in Italy and on the main European markets: partnerships that are never occasional, nor limited to simple relationships between manufacturer and sales representative but that develop into mutually useful collaborations, considering that fact that the vendor is not simply a sales representative but often the best gauge of the final user’s needs and requirements. To this end, the company’s priority is not looking for agents or representatives but rather, building lucrative relationships that last over time and are useful to its customers.

360° assistance and warranty

Collino Costruzioni considers the role that its sales partners play pivotal in ensuring customers increasingly better assistance and warranty performances. There are collaborations with various types of sales partners: agricultural and forestry equipment and machinery importers and dealerships, but it doesn’t end there.

Competitive goal

With the goal of making its products increasingly competitive, Collino Costruzioni ensure its sales partners:

  • Reserved price list conditions
  • Continuous operative training on its products
  • Support in targeted advertising campaigns, even locally.

Become a Collino Costruzioni partner

To become a Collino Costruzioni partner, send your application to you will be contacted shortly so together we can evaluate the times and methods of reciprocal collaboration.