addCollino conveyor belts: for all needs

Collino conveyor belts constitute a wide range designed to resolve problems in the agricultural and forestry field as well as in the artisan and industrial sector.

There are telescopic conveyor belts with one or more extensions and fixed models. The belt width is also modular: 250 and 400mm for telescopic models; 300, 400 and 600mm for fixed models. The lengths are versatile as well. The telescopic models can be 4 or 5 metres, while the fixed ones can be supplied in the following standard measurements:

  • 4-metre long conveyor belt
  • 5-metre long conveyor belt
  • 6-metre long conveyor belt
  • 7-metre long conveyor belt
  • 8-metre long conveyor belt

There is a wide selection also for the drive:

  • hydraulic conveyor belts
  • single phase electrical conveyor belts
  • three phase electrical conveyor belts
  • both hydraulic and electrical conveyor belts

The intended use of these tools is even more varied, as they can be designed and built with these production purposes:

  • Conveyor belts for wood
  • Conveyor belts for food and foodstuffs
  • Conveyor belts for animal feed
  • Conveyor belts for hazelnuts
  • Conveyor belts for debris and inert materials in the building sector
  • Conveyor belts for manure and animal excrements
  • Conveyor belts for flour
  • Conveyor belts for grains
  • Conveyor belts for plastic materials
  • Conveyor belts for waste
  • Conveyors belts for aluminium scraps
  • Conveyor belts for sand and gravel
  • Conveyor belts for hides
  • Conveyor belts for baggage – airport services

The flexibility of the tool is also due to the use of innovative technology and different materials for the same belt:

  • conveyor belts with vulcanised PVC belt
  • conveyor belts with PVC belt with iron slats
  • conveyor belts with black rubber belt
  • conveyor belts with PVC side mudguard.

These are all variables that qualify Collino conveyor and elevator belts in some way: products entirely made in Italy that have, however, established themselves on the main European markets.